Features & Bugs

Over the last few days, many of you have joined us to help improve the state of representation for black and brown folks. You’ve shared, liked, tweeted, written about us, and even submitted your own photos to nappy. Seriously, Thank You!

As we continue to build this platform, we wanted to create a page to give you updates on the features, changes, and bug fixes we’re working on:

If you’d like to request a feature or noticed any bugs, shoot us an email hi@nappy.co.


Things we recently fixed/added

Bug where clicking the close button (x) brings you back to top

Reduced size of thumbnails to improve site speed

Search feature (We’re currently testing this feature. Let us know your experience with it.)


Things we’re working on


Increasing site speed with ‘load more’ feature

Being able to have photos belong to multiple categories

Unique URL for each photo (i.e. nappy.co/3gtd67)


Things we’re not working on yet

Photographer profiles

Bulk upload for image submission


Ready to help us improve representation? Click here to submit a photo.